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About Bay Foreign Language Books...

Back in 1990 we started selling dictionaries and language books because we loved books and languages. Almost 25 years later we sell material for over 800 languages!

We used to sell only to bookshops but in recent years schools started loving our services, so we started a dedicated schools department specialising in languages.

We aim to be the best school language supplier
and offer the very, very best prices, range and service.

We believe schools want:

  • 1. A solution – you have a youngster whose first language is not English and require a dictionary for everyday use or for exams. We select the best books and offer the right solution.
  • 2. Market leading prices – our minimum discount is 20% regardless of order size. We’ll improve on any other supplier, including the huge internet bookshop. Higher discounts for large orders.
  • 3. Free postage on all orders with fast delivery.
  • 4. Easy ordering, with no application forms, supplied on a 30 day invoice.
  • 5. Language specialists to answer enquiries and deal with your orders.

It’s not just dictionaries and books we provide.

We firmly believe that our service enables schools to provide the right dictionary for their pupils and students.

Give a child the wrong dictionary, say one designed for Americans visiting the Czech Republic, and it can stunt their language learning, their education and above all their love of learning and life opportunities. We exist to make sure you give them the right dictionary, in this case one designed for a Czech child learning English, with pronunciation of the English words and school vocabulary.

That’s us. Bay Foreign Language Books.
Independent Language Specialists.

Making your budget go further with amazing discounts.
Working with schools to provide language solutions.
Offering amazing stock range and fast free delivery.
Supplying post free on 30 day invoice.

We really look forward to working with you.

Why Us:

  • Market leading discounts
  • Free UK delivery
  • Superb service
  • 800 languages from 1 supplier