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Frequently asked questions...

Q Explain your prices and discounts?
A We aim to offer the best discounts available and that’s a long term commitment. In short, we aim to improve upon any other supplier (including the huge internet bookshop). Our standard school discount is 20%. If you have a large order, or want us to improve a discount, just let us know.

Q How fast is delivery?
A We have a simply huge stock of books in our warehouse, so the majority of orders are supplied the same or next day from stock. As I write this, we’re selling 8,762 titles for 802 languages and we have 39,624 language learning items available from stock for immediate delivery.

Q Are all orders in the UK sent post free?
A Yes. Small orders are sent free by Royal Mail, larger orders free by 24 hour courier.

Q Do I need to complete a form to open an account with you?
A No. If you’re a UK school, just order. We trust schools, so will simply supply on a 30 day invoice.

Q What if the book I want is not in stock?
A Ask and we’ll let you know how long it will be and we’ll probably suggest an alternative. Or simply order and we’ll let you know then. We can usually obtain more stock very quickly, often the next day or two.

Q I ordered the wrong book or changed my mind. Can I return my order?
A Of course. Just send it back within a few days of receipt.

Q The book I require is not on your website, can you help?
A Of course. We can supply any language related book, from anywhere in the world. Just ask!

Q Do telephone orders receive a discount?
A Well, officially we say that only orders placed on our website, by post, fax and email receive a discount. It makes life more efficient and we can pass on savings to our customers. However, if you need to call us, we’ll always make an exception to this rule.

Q How long have you been in business? We’ve not heard of you before.
A We’ve been selling language books for almost 25 years, but mainly to bookshops. However, recent demand has led to a dedicated school department and in the last 48 months we’ve supplied over 500 schools.

Q I’m happy with my existing language book supplier, why should I use you?
A That’s great, if you’re happy with their service, price and advice then do stay with them!

However, we’re confident we can save you money by offering better discounts and cheaper prices – and that’s a long term commitment.

We’re also confident that every book we supply will be right for your student – there’s over 80 years specialist language book experience in our office!

Let’s say you have a Czech speaking child – we know the dictionary we’ll recommend will be specifically designed for a Czech student learning English. This means it has school suitable vocabulary, it has the pronunciation of the English headwords and it’s modern. We supply at 20% discount, post free, on 30 day invoice and we will aim to improve upon any other supplier discount. A school recently purchased a Czech dictionary from an internet supplier. Turns out, it was designed for American speakers, it was published 23 years ago, and it had pronunciation of the Czech words instead of the English. Yet that website promoted it as the most suitable. That school was overjoyed when they contacted us and supplied “the perfect dictionary” for their Czech pupil.

We believe it’s vital that students get the right dictionary, that the school gets the right price and that teachers and schools receive an efficient and pleasant professional service.

Q What are exam dictionaries?
A We supply a range of exam suitable dictionaries for over 50 languages. These are “word-to-word” or “one-to-one” which means only direct translations are given, with no explanations, no sample sentences and no grammatical explanations. In other words, they’re what exams require! There’s a link at the top of the page, or simply search for the word “exam” and the language you require.

Q How can we order?
A We work with schools – so please order by email, post, fax or through this website. If possible, please try not to order by telephone, thank you. We believe this website is very easy and efficient – add books to the basket, checkout with your name and address, and that’s it! No credit cards required.

Q What are your contact details?
A Email –
Website –
Fax. 01233 721272
Address – Bay Foreign Language Books Ltd, 4 Kingsmead, Park Farm, Folkestone, Kent. CT19 5EU

We do kindly ask that you try and contact us with questions by email if possible - it’s very efficient and also allows us to send you direct links to books and sample pages.

We really look forward to working with you.

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  • Market leading discounts
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  • Superb service
  • 800 languages from 1 supplier